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Are you ready to  transform your health by healing from the inside out?

What would it be like to reclaim your wellness and live your optimal life? 

My name is Melissa, and I am a personal trainer and functional wellness coach who helps women 40+ frustrated with stubborn weight, low energy, mood swings, sleepless nights, and feeling overwhelmed to slow down and prioritize themselves so they can feel vibrant, energetic and better than they have in years. As a woman in your 40s, your body is changing. Hormones are starting to decline, so you need a different approach to feel your best - a personalized, functional health approach.
I use a whole-body, functional approach to wellness coupled with individualized personal fitness training to optimize your health and overcome barriers so you can live a vibrant life. 

Your fitness and wellness journey includes education and self-reflection.  As fitness and lifestyle habits need to align for the best results, you will benefit from the personalized attention I give to help you enjoy investing in your exercise and health.
We will work together to create a plan based on your abilities, schedule, needs, and goals. In addition, I will provide practical advice and encouragement, based on my years of education and experience, sending your program every week using the CoachRx app.

Together we will develop a customized action plan from the ground up based on fitness, nutrition, restorative lifestyle strategies,  your environment, and more to reclaim your energy, vitality, and overall wellbeing.

I'm based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where I offer in-person personal training at Blueprint Fitness.

Contact me through email or schedule a call to below to book a package or to learn more about my services.



What can I help you with?

Personal Training 
Tailored workouts to do at the gym or at home
Lifestyle Wellness
Outside-the-gym lifestyle sessions for behavior ideas that support lifestyle change
Whole Food Recipes
Whole food recipe bundles for health-promoting meal ideas 
Hormone Imbalances & Gut Health
Outside-the-gym lifestyle sessions plus educational weekly modules about gut and hormone health with actionable steps to rebalance your hormones and improve your gut health 
Functional Lab Testing
Functional lab testing to help identify imbalances to help with a personalized plan.
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